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IELTS Essay: Decline in Police Numbers

by tani

Why has the number of police officers declined?

In some countries the number of police officers in active service is decreasing.

Why is this happening and how could it affect society?

The storage of police officers has been bothering some counties, this might have negative effects on the society as a whole. In my opinion there could be several factors which discourage the youth from joining the forces.

Cops are essential to maintain peace and safety of the country but in the recent time few nations have been facing a shortage of police and this may be due to the rigged system some country operates on , a system which is controlled and governed by the strong and powerful leaving the protectors of the nations without any choice but to follow order or drop out of the service, it is quite evident that more than a few have opted for the later option. Another reason behind this social issues could be the selfish mindset that the new age people may hold, not wanting to work for and towards the betterment of the society and state as the patriotism in their hearts may be decreasing. Few people may also drop out due to the long and rigour process of achieving a rank and not much salary and choose to opt for a more lucrative career choice. For example, my cousin who works as head constable in the police department for the past 7 years, does not make enough to support his family and has decided to opt out of the department and go for a different career choice as a clerk.

All these issues have a negative effect on the public which includes people feeling unsafe , increase in crime rates, increase in the corruption of society and could cause an imbalance in the society , people may also hold prejudice against the whole police community due to this, ruining the relationship between the protector and protectee .

to conclude, the lack of officer would become a serious problem in the coming future but at the same time the government should fund the department more than now since at the end of the day , being a police officer is too a career and should be able to support the worker for the better.

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