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Best Malaysia My Second Home Agency in Bangladesh


Do you want to choose your second home in Malaysia? The Malaysian government will give Bangladeshi people the opportunity to live in Malaysia as a second home. The Malaysian government also gives Bangladeshi people PR facilities. The Malaysian government provides Platinum visas, Gold visas, and Silver visas for Bangladeshi people. There are also job and business opportunities for Bangladeshi people in Malaysia. Bangladeshi people can live in Malaysia with their children.

Which Bangladeshi people are eligible for MM2H?

Every Bangladeshi person is eligible for an MM2H application. However, there are some conditions. If you meet the Malaysian government’s terms and conditions, then you can apply for Malaysia My Second Home as a Bangladeshi. You can apply with your family members.

How much money need for MM2H Malaysia visa fees for Bangladeshi?

Bangladeshi applicants need a minimum bank balance of USD $125,000. They also need a minimum salary of $2500 per month for each person. MM2H visa fees are 500-550 Malaysian Ringgit per person per year. These visa fees will vary for different countries.

Can I admit our kids to Malaysian school or university?

Every parent can admit their children to Malaysian schools or universities if they have an MM2H visa. Every family member will get treatment facilities, education facilities, job opportunities, business facilities, PR facilities, etc. Parents’ kids can also get permanent residency in Malaysia in the future.

Who is the Malaysian government-authorized agency in Bangladesh for MM2H?

Guardian Network is the best visa consultancy in Banani for MM2H because it is a Malaysian government-authorized visa consultancy agency in Bangladesh. So if you want to get a Malaysia My Second Home visa, you can contact Guardian Network.

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